The Cathartic EP

by Melancholy Holly

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A collection of acoustic demos that I recorded during my free time in August of 2016


released September 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Cold War Veteran California

I just make some shitty music with what I can afford

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Track Name: Melancholy
I don't want to sit here on my own
I don't really want my lonely throne
I don't want to stay here anymore than I have to
I don't really know how to feel about you

Please don't blame yourself for how I treated you
I just really want someone to sing this to
Though it may seem a little strange
I'm only looking out for you

I don't want to make music anymore
I don't want to know me anymore

I don't know when I started feeling this way
I just know that this feeling is here to stay

I tell myself everyday that its just in my head
I can't fight this feeling that I'd rather be dead
Every day now that I lay my head to rest
I pray to God that it's the last time I go to bed
Track Name: Irony
I can't tell if I'm awake or asleep
Been this way for 12 years
Someone wake me up from this nightmare
I have yet to find someone who cares

I can't tell if I've made up my past
My lies are catching up I don't know if I'll last
I try to find a balance but I can't
I go through everyday wondering when I'll crack

Stand up straight, stop slouching so much
Say a joke and hope it doesn't fail
My leg shakes and I break into a sweat
Let this day end so I can go to bed

I don't really know my name anymore
I don't care to remember, it's become a chore
I hide myself behind layers of irony
You don't want to be here, so why are you talking to me?
Track Name: Goodbye
I wish that I knew how you felt
I wouldn't forget you without a doubt

There are so many things I don't know about myself
Can you help me figure them out?
I promise to treat you right
Or maybe I wont, I believe my own lies
End of the show Im sorry thats all folks
I hate the part where we say goodbye

And I hate to say goodbye
And I hate this feeling of uncertainty
It's been following me around all day and night
Oh how I wish I could say I was alright
You probably don't care, it's fine that's fair
I'll go home let me get out of your hair

I've created this character of you in my head
Nothing you can say will bring me back from the dead
I checked out a long time ago
At this point Im just phoning in my lines
Don't tell me I've made this dilemma in my min
Its that time again, end of the show

I love to say goodbye
I can't get rid of this feeling of uncertainty
Its been here so long its become a part of me
Oh how I know that Im not alright
You probably still dont care thats fine
I just came out here to say goodnight

I wish I knew how I felt
I will try to forget you without a doubt
Track Name: Curly Hair
I was going bald in the eighth grade
My hair is back and it has made
Me a little more comfortable with myself
I have no clue what to do with it
My medications have made it curly
I haven't found a style I will soon surly

There are some days where I get real high
And I look in a mirror and start to cry
And I pull out my hair in handfuls at a time
I don't know why, there's no rhyme or reason
I punish myself I've committed treason
I wish I could just curl up and die

But nevertheless the story goes on
I take my glasses and I put them on
I hope no one sees through my true intentions
I am a victim off my own invention
As the days build up so does the tension
I'm trying to make it through without breaking

I walk like a drunk, unsure of myself
N one notices, but I can tell
I hide myself away on the tallest shelf
I feel l'm failing every expectation
I don't know if I'll make it to my graduation
Sitting alone everyday doesn't help

Don't even get me started on girls
Society's standards make me want to hurl
Why is this shit so fucking complicated?
I have a hard time taking a hint
Every girl I've met has left an imprint
I fall in love way too easily

But sometimes I feel like there is something more
No this isn't superficial, No she isn't artificial
There is something about her, but I can't tell what it is
Maybe it's something about her hair
I become so obsessed I begin to scare
Myself and everyone who looks through my phone

I want to write on but my brain is fried
It feels like I have finally died
I haven't come to terms with my circumstances
This is the part where I end the song
I would hate for it to drag on
I will probably find some better lyrics in the future